Transition Your Wrestling Experience To Help Advance Your Career

Transition Your Wrestling Experience To Help Advance Your Career

Wrestling is a sport that involves physical competition between two opponents. It can be a very intense and demanding sport, as it requires a combination of strength, endurance, technique, and mindset.

Additionally, wrestling can be a very personal and psychological sport, as wrestlers often have to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents in order to win. All solid skills that can be applied to help advance your career!

5 ways that you can translate your experiences with wrestling to advance your career

Leverage your discipline and dedication

Wrestling requires a high level of discipline and dedication, which can be attractive to potential employers. Not only during competition, but the discipline and mindset it takes to train on top of cutting weight and staying healthy during the season is unmatched when compared to other sports. Making wrestlers extremely mentally tough.

Develop leadership skills

Wrestling may have given you the opportunity to lead a team or coach younger wrestlers. Tap into these experiences to demonstrate your leadership skills, along with your willingness to step up and take on new challenges.

Enhance communication skills

Wrestling may have required you to communicate with teammates, coaches, and referees, giving you the opportunity to develop strong communication skills, especially under extreme pressure situations where a lot of people may lack the ability to stay in control and communicate clear solutions. The fact that you are competing by yourself in front of a lot of people will prepare you for those pressure situations throughout your life professional journey.

Build a strong work ethic

The dedication and hard work required to succeed in wrestling can translate to a strong work ethic in other career fields. Dan Tramontozzi has personally used his past wrestling experience to help him become a leader in the growth marketing space as well as create a multi-million dollar nonprofit that uses the sport of wrestling to raise funds for cancer research. None of this is possible without hard work and a never quit mindset.


Your experiences with wrestling may have allowed you to build relationships with coaches, teammates, and other individuals in the wrestling community. These relationships can be valuable resources for finding job opportunities or gaining advice and guidance as you pursue your career. Just like you networked within the sport, network within your field or industry.

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