Drive Better Marketing Results with a Small Team

Have a Small Marketing Team? Here Are 3 Ways to Help Drive Better Results

In today’s business world, marketing is essential for driving revenue. However, many businesses don’t have the large marketing teams that they need to be successful in this area. If you’re facing this challenge, here are a few things you can do to make the most of your small team and have the firing on all cylinders.

1. Prioritize Tasks & Stick to a Schedule

If you have a small marketing team, probably the first thing you should do is prioritize your marketing tasks and strategies. Not everything can be done at once, so you’ll need to focus on the most important tasks first. Once you have a prioritized list, it’s also important to stick to a schedule. This will help ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner and that your marketing efforts are focused.

2. Outsource When Necessary

I’m not a huge fan of outsourcing things to marketing agencies, but sometimes it makes sense when you have a small internal marketing team. Things like social media content, posting, and photoshoots, etc. can be outsourced to agencies that specialize in those services. However, it’s important to still maintain control over your marketing and brand identity.

3. Leverage Marketing Technology & Automation

There are a lot of marketing tasks that can be automated with technology. This can free up time for your marketing team to focus on other the larger picture and other strategies. For example; automating things like email and SMS communication that is triggered after a user takes an action can be very impactful in helping drive brand loyalty and revenue. However, it’s important to keep your human touch by personalizing messages as much as possible.

By following these 3 steps, you can help drive better marketing results even with a small marketing team. Just remember to focus on the most important tasks, and strategies that drive the highest ROI for your brand.

About the Author

Dan Tramontozzi is a Growth & Brand Marketing Expert with over 15 years experience scaling brands using today's most advanced digital marketing strategies.